Peawees - Dead End City CD
The Phantom Surfers - XXX Party CD
Pistol Grip - Live at the Glasshouse (The Show Must Go Off! Episode 7) DVD
Planeside - For Motion Discomfort CD
Ramones - Weird Tales of the Ramones Boxed set
Real Live Tigers - This is Sometimes A Riverbed CD
The Red Tyger Church - Free Energy CD
The Reds - s/t 7" record
Retarded - s/t CD
Retrograde - Sever CDEP
The Reverse - The Longest Day of the Year CD
Von Robinson & His Own Universe - Jostle It!# CD
Saboteur - s/t CDEP
The Set of Red Things - Who Touches Pitch Defiles Herself CD
Shot Baker - Awake CD
Smogtown - Domesticviolenceland CD
The Smugglers - Rosie CD
Softball - Tenku CD
Sonic Dolls - Riot at the Sheep Dog Trials CD
Sound4Sound - The Sound Gets Lower and Lower CD-R
Stoneage Hearts - Guilty as Sin CD
The Strap-Ons - Geeking Dream CD
The Strap-Ons - Punk on Punk Crime CD
The Stun Guns - Fast, Clean, Cheap 7" record
Bert Switzer - 1977-2002 CD
The Templars - Biaus Seignors Freres CD
Tension Wire - Explicits CD
Tension Wire - Rips, Punctures, Tears & Fractures CD
Tommy & The Terrors - Unleash the Fury CD
Toys That Kill - The Citizen Abortion CD
Toys That Kill - Control the Sun CD
Toys That Kill - Flys CD EP
Toys That Kill - Shanked! CD
Tractor Sex Fatality - Peel and Eat CD
Tsunami Bomb - The Ultimate Escape CD
Turn Blue - Fire Like TV CD
Turpentine Brothers - We Don't Care About Your Good Times CD

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