Name: Justin K.
D.O.B.: 1980
Some Favorite Music: the Beach Boys, the Kinks, the Troggs, the Monkees, the Hollies, the Sonics, the Milkshakes, the Carter Family, Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, the Velvet Underground, Wire, Minor Threat, the Queers, Brent's TV, Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Louis Prima, the Beatles, Papas Fritas, Yellowman
Things I Do:
Wee Rock Records, DIY Buttons, various webpages (WRR, DIY Buttons, The Itch, NTD Reviews, etc...), this reviews zine, reviews for Go Metric zine, and music.

Bands I've been in:
Fugue, Piezo Transducer, The Acronyms, The Walking Talking Zombies, The Protists, The Giant Penguins, The Skoobs, Trixie & the Merch Girls, U$MC, Rock & Roll Nightmares, Curse of the Shakers, Thee Fine Lines, The Jim-Jims, Ghost Children of Calico.

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