The Accident That Led Me To The World - s/t CD
Alkaline Trio - Maybe I'll Catch Fire CD
All Tomorrow's Party - Yoo Doo Right, Yoo Doo Slide CD
Antifreeze - The Search for Something More CD
The Apers - s/t CD
The Ataris - Anywhere but Here CD
The Atlantic Manor - All the Best Girls Have Winter Hearts CD
BBQ - s/t 7" record
BBQ - s/t CD
BBQ - Tie Your Noose CD
Berzerk - This Silence Kills CD
Berzerk - Theyreaftame CD
Big Buildings - Live Cassette
Big In Japan - Destroy the New Rock CD
Bis - Music For a Stranger World CDEP
The Black Angels - Passover CD
The Bloody Hollies - If Footmen Tire You... CD
Blue Checkered Record Player (BCRP) - s/t CD
Blue Skygoodbye - demo CD
The Boils - From the Bleachers CD
Book of Maps - II CD
Boredoms - Vision, Creation, Newsun CD
Camarada - King in the Dark CD
Caustic Resin - Trick Question CD
Cock Sparrer - Live: Runnin' Riot Across the USA CD
Cock Sparrer - What You See Is What You Get Double DVD
Coffin Lids - Rock 'N' Roll CD
Col. Knowledge & the Lickity Splits - Fall In Love All Over Again With... CD
The Collywobbles - Excellent Barfighters CD
Crimson Sweet - Eat the Night CD
The Crumbs - s/t CD
Darlington - Louder than Morrissey CD
Distortion Felix - I'm an Athlete CD
DMZ - Live at the Rat CD
Doom Kounty Electric Chair - Cuban Healed Killers (Reissue) 2CD
The Drunks - Ruin it for Everyone CD
The Dukes of Hamburg - Some Folks by the Dukes of Hamburg LP
Echo and the Bunnymen - Live at LIPA CD
Essence Of Logic - What's the Story CD

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